Desert Song Yoga Review—Wellness Through Yoga,Tai Chi,Massage,Meditation and So Much More

Let’s face it, when it comes to finding the “right” yoga studio it requires much more than finding a class that allows you the opportunity to move and stretch your body.

Indeed, if all you were looking for was a good stretch, odds are you would have simply signed up at the nearest gym or YMCA and take whatever classes they are offering.

yoga However, you probably have already begun to sense that you are looking for a yoga studio that offers you the chance to connect with a community of people that are looking to improve the health of their mind, body and spirit.

And if this resonates with you and you happen to live in the Phoenix area then keep reading the Desert Song Yoga Studio Review.

Desert Song Yoga Studio Review – Wellness Through Yoga, Tai Chi, Massage, Meditation and So Much More

Simply stated, the mission of Desert Song Yoga has been the same since Mary Beth opened the doors to this place over 27 years ago…

“To provide our community with a place to connect with themselves and others, through quality education and health of the mind, body and spirit.”

And that mission statement has continued to flourish in the form of being at a location that is able to provide students with three different yoga rooms, three massage rooms, a holistic consultation room and it is all surrounded by a welcoming courtyard in a garden setting.

Yet, if you are anything like me, you go to a yoga class for the practice and experience of yoga rather than the scenery.

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the classes offered at Desert Song:

Intro to Yoga Series- If you are looking for a review of basic yoga concepts then you will be glad to know that this class offers you the foundations of yoga for safer practicing.

Basics- Focuses primarily on the fundamental poses of Hatha yoga with emphasis on alignment, breath, as well as building core strength and increasing your flexibility.

Restorative, Gentle and Gentle Chair Yoga – Slower-paced restorative classes that focus on breathing, relaxation and gentle stretching. In the Gentler Chair Yoga class you will find yourself using a chair to help assist you with the postures and it is an ideal class for the elderly and those recovering from injury.

Low and Slow – If you are looking for a class where poses are held longer with a focus on opening your muscles slowly with the use of props for support alignment and safety then this is the class for you. It is also a great class to consider if you are interested or are familiar with the practice of Yin Yoga.

Flow and Intermediate Yoga – In the flow class poses are linked together, using the breath as each movement is designed to increase the heart rate, flexibility, and strength. The intermediate class places an emphasis on building strength, flexibility and stamina while at the same time including inversions and backbends.

Of course, what you really want to know is what are other people saying about this amazing yoga studio located at 4811 North 7th St in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here is what people are saying about Desert Song Yoga:

The classes are always something different, so you get a good workout every week.
instructors bend over backwards to make sure everyone works at their own level and is accommodated with a pose modification that will be right for him or her.
a wonderful, intimate and nurturing environment
felt a great vibe from the moment I walked in. The people who go there are also very down to earth, friendly, good people.
Desert Song’s staff was uniformly friendly, helpful, and positive. The facility was lovely, clean, and quiet,

In the end, if you are looking for a yoga studio that will provide you with a place to connect you and others through quality education and health of the mind, body and spirit then Desert Song Yoga is one studio to consider.

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