Daily Yoga—Mobile Yoga Fitness On-the-Go!

This application is the property of Daily Yoga Inc., with all rights reserved. Please note: All yoga sessions in this app are independent plugins that require to get installed individually.

Daily Yoga is a comprehensive yoga app providing dynamic yoga classes on mobile phones. Fully compatible with almost all Android Phones and Tablets, Daily Yoga aims to bring about the most outstanding yoga experience. You will feel like attending a real yoga class whenever you want. DailyYoga_Logo_512x512

Every posture will be demonstrated in step-by-step videos that could be displayed in FULL SCREEN, along with detailed instructions and voice narration. Yoga postures will be shown one by one with a timer to guide you through the whole sequence.

Every session is well arranged by our certified yoga instructors. Accompanied by soft voice guide and graceful background music, you are sure to enjoy your yoga class on mobile.

More notable features to help you gain health and fitness through Daily Yoga:

- HD Videos for Landscape View and Full Screen Support!
- Android Phones and Tablets compatibility
- Sessions designed for users of different levels.
- Free choices of different training durations.
- You will win scores after finishing the training.
- We plan to publish a series of yoga sessions with various training targets on a regular basis. Four session plugins available are: Daily Yoga for Abs, Daily Yoga for Back, Daily Yoga for Butt and Daily Yoga for Chest.
- Your achievement and comments will be shared in our community. Get connected with yogis and share your experience of the training!

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