Daily Yoga Is Beneficial for Your Muscles.

Daily Yoga is beneficial for the muscles, but also for the spirit. It teaches us to maintain the correct body postures, but also to explore their feelings. More than a gym or a philosophy, a way of life.

DailyYoga_Screenshot_02Some practice is for sport, because it strengthens and tones the muscles, others as a therapy because it helps to pass the back pain. It is useful to relax, because it helps reduce stress. Use it to lose weight , stop smoking , sleep better .. There is a Daily Yoga for all and all is fine.

Yoga, philosophy, complex, initiation (can only be learned from a teacher), it is none of this is while all this together: Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yug” which means to unite, bind together, and the body ‘ blood, muscle and spirit. It also means being able, through breathing, to control his emotions and will. Ensure that those who practice Daily Yoga can improve the quality of life. DailyYoga_Screenshot_04

Practitioners are many and growing; we are dedicated to America in mass about fifteen million people. Today the ratio between male and female practitioners is practically equal and changed the vision you have of Daily Yoga. Although many still approach this exercise with distorted ideas and away from its essence.

In practice, everyone is able to discover that if you correctly, the very first time you “feel” that the movement takes place only at the physical level, awareness of one’s breath, which is achieved through techniques that are taught, allows to pass through the mechanical movements to the naturalness of the gesture, which gives a better stability nervous, index of psycho-physical balance, and allows you to break away from everyday life. With breathing, teachers say, you buy a body awareness, Daily Yoga exercises, therefore the body and spirit together, to achieve wellness and balance.

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