Daily Yoga Helps Awake Energy and Awareness

Daily Yoga as a spiritual practice awake energy and awareness .  DailyYogaButtPlugin_Screenshot_01

Join our community with Daily Yoga for a weekend journey of yoga, you will experience a lot. Refer to this good fitness yoga app, emerse your self in the beauty of Kripalu yoga. Through flowing asana, pranayama and concentration of mind, you will investigate how to listen deeply to the wisdom of prana (vital energy). Learn to integrate the ancient yogic teachings of Patanjali, with an intention to connect to our source and vital energy. We will also integrate chakra awareness into our practice to cultivate a deeper relationship and experience with our subtle body.

DailyYogaAbsPlugin_Screenshot_01Enjoy Dolphin and Sophie’s love for teaching energy anatomy, as they integrates a deep respect for the wisdom of the body as an instrument of the divine; believing that humor and lightheartedness are essential as we explore Daily Yoga as a spiritual practice.

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