Daily Yoga Giveaway Event On-The-Go !

Dear all friends:

Thank you for all your great support for Daily yoga!
And Daily yoga LOVEs you!

Now, we are going to start a long-term giveaway event to express our thanks!

Activity rules:
1,At the end of every month, we will select four friends who left support and give away our gifts.
2,Please invite your friends to Like us on facebook, or Share our posts, or Comment under our posts to show your support.

The gifts include:
$39.99 Daily yoga class & music
$12.99 Daily yoga class & music
$23.98 Allbuy Yoga Suits
$17.99 Allbuy Yoga Tops
More gifts are coming…

Daily yoga leads to peace of mind, better body and healthy lifestyle.
Share Daily Yoga, share yoga for health!
Let’s go!
Download Daily Yoga at: http://www.dailyyoga.com/en


Thank you #Allbuy for sponsoring Allbuy Yoga suits

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