Daily Yoga for Healthy Liver

The liver has many functions; stores certain vitamins, mineralsand sugars for use as fuel, cleanses/filters the toxins out of your blood and controls the production/excretion of cholesterol. Your overall health and vitality, to a great extent, depends upon the health of your liver. The thousands of enzyme systems that control virtually every body activity are created there. If your liver fails to create even one of these enzymes, overall body function is impaired, creating greater metabolic stress on your body.

daily yoga Keeping the liver in proper working order is essential because one role of the liver is to break down excess estrogen. Poor diet, alcohol, and medications including pain relievers (ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, etc.), cholesterol lowering drugs, Rogaine (minoxidil), and steroids can damage the liver.

Fresh food gives lightness, happiness, joyfulness and increases intelligence. The food should be suitable for the mind, body, intelligence and soul. The relationship between exercise and liver health is not so clear, however, daily yoga for liver problems is an effective way of maintaining and enhancing the health of this vital organ. Purpose of practicing daily yoga is to stimulate, regulate and enhance the functioning of liver.

Certain yoga poses for liver health are  the Diamond Pose, the cow pose, the cat pose, the Locust Pose, the Plow Pose, and the Standing Forward Bend to name a few.

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