Daily Yoga for Better Breathing

DailyYoga_Screenshot_10Yoga as Medicine represents the next great yoga wave, and Daily Yoga is a valuable therapeutic tool for many health conditions. Some patients may benefit from psychological and physical effects of yoga (Yoga Therapy) asthmatics. The disease of multiple names (asthmatic bronchitis) is characterized by hypersensitivity of the bronchi constrict and narrow causing breathlessness and wheezing characteristic of what is often added congestion of the airways.

The bronchial wall inflammation causes also lead to thick mucus that makes breathing process and leads to asthma attacks. Pranayama (special breathing techniques of yoga) is an excellent tool to balance and adjust the physiological functions and energy to improve the quality of life of people with asthma. Also the positions with back extensions are useful because they get up and open the chest.

Precisely the University of Chile has investigated how it affects the yoga and breathing techniques especially in patients with chronic respiratory damage. In particular, rapid breathing, abdominal (Kapalabhati) stimulates lung tissues, relaxes chest muscles and revitalizes the entire body. DailyYoga_Screenshot_13

Another exercise, breathing alternating (Anuloma Viloma), produces an effect of calm and serenity. For people with central nervous system disorders (panic attacks, high levels of stress, depression or sleep disturbances), Breath of yoga (abdominal, with deep inhalation and exhalation) helps control emotional states, harmony and health mental as well as physical locks and reduce muscular tension.

Precisely the relaxation of the muscle structure is one of the benefits of yoga (yoga therapy) experienced by patients with yoga. According to studies conducted in sleep EEG of a yoga patient, it maintains a similar activity in frequency waves alert (Beta). By learning the breathing of yoga you can control conscious brain frequencies, i.e. alpha waves develop that facilitate quiet and allow deep inner work?

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