Daily Yoga for Abs Advanced

Daily Yoga for Abs Advanced was released to Google Play today. Please get this plug-in by visiting


The Advanced Version of Daily Yoga for Abs provides a brand new yoga routine designed on 23 postures combining dynamic variation with traditional yoga asanas, aiming to tone abs muscles and enhance core abdominal strength. Three training durations are set to enrich your abs toning exercises with our yoga instructor.

How does Daily Yoga practice actually tone your abs?

When building your abdominal muscles, Daily Yoga has many extra benefits to help better your figure.

- As you are all the way engaging abs muscles to control your motion especially the move of your legs, both your abs and limbs will be toned.
- Abs yoga can nourish internal organs at the abdominal region including intestines, stomach, kidneys and so on. This will provide better digestion and excretion.
- Remember to coordinate deep breathing with every move for a better control of your body. In this case you will attain intense concentration to achieve better effect.
- Just like all yoga training, it helps you calm down and get rid of physical and mental stress.

Notable Features
- Compatible with both Smartphones and Tablets.
- HD Videos for Landscape View and Full Screen Support!
- Language support of English and Mandarin.
- Dynamic yoga sessions of 10mins, 15mins and 20mins.
- Detailed voice narration, background music and posture videos.
- Timer set and smooth flow between each posture.

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