Dahn Yoga Basics

As we all know as one of the natural forms of exercise, yoga has brought many health benefits to people. This form of exercise is practiced in different forms in different countries. One such form is Dahn yoga, which originates from Korea. the proper way of beginning a Dahn Hak class is by meridian stretching, which enhances the energy level and recharges the mind. After the meridian stretching, the class continues some different forms of stretching in specific postures. These stretching postures are performed in order to increase the flow of energy in the body. Dahn Hak class also includes meditation time to bring tranquility of body and mind. This form of yoga has proved to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and boosted the self-esteem of an individual. From mind to matter, Water up, fire down and From health to happiness to peace are the three principles of Dahn Hak. The objective of this yoga is to instill these principles within its practitioners and make their life healthy and joyful.

Basic Yoga

Meridian Stretching Meridian Stretching

There are 8 ways of meridian stretching and working towards a healthy lifespan. These different 8 stretches help in curing health ailments and increase the level of vital energy in the body. Meridian exercises reduce stress and tiredness. Also, it cures the body from all the imbalances created through tension and pressure. While performing the stretches, it is important to maintain the correct posture to achieve maximum benefit from it. There are 8 types of meridian stretching that are well designed for all the 8 main vessels of our body. Governing Vessel, Conception Vessel, Yang Ankle Vessel, Yin Ankle Vessel, Through Going Vessel, Belt Vessel, Yang Linking Vessel and Yin Linking vesselare the eight forms of performing the meridian stretches.

JungChoong Jung-Choong Breathing

Jung-Choong means fulfillment of vital energy. This is among the Dahn Hak basics that is practiced by many Dahn Hak students. It is easy to perform and good for keeping the mind calm and focused. Relaxation, Accumulation and Circulation are three postures in which Jung-Choong breathing can be performed.
These are few a Dahn Hak basics that can be performed very easily. Towards the end of these exercises, you can even include meditation to completely calm and relax your body and mind.

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