Bound Angle Upward Bend

BoundAnglePose Instructions
- Lie flat on the floor and press your soles together. Wide open your knee caps to the sides and pull your heels close to your body. Put your palms together in front of your chest. Feel your torso is lengthened from your pubis to the crown, chin up and chest out.
- Exhale and extend your torso upward, arms extended toward the ceiling; inhale and gently roll down, palms returned.
- Your arms should be angled 45 degrees to the floor at each bend to guide your torso toward the same direction. Try your best to keep your legs and knees in place.

- Before getting into the pose, sink the heads of your thigh bones down to the ground.
- Keep your abs firm and flat while extending your torso up to the ceiling. And contract your perineum consciously.

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