Bikram Yoga Vs Standard Yoga

Yoga is an activity that carries the body and mind together. Practicing yoga is very effective for managing inevitable conditions and disorders. However, some types of yoga differ in certain ways, like in series of practices and poses.

Bikram yoga and standard yoga equips amazing physical and mental benefits. The added advantage that Bikram yoga provides, makes its routine superior to standard yoga. For some people, they find the heat used in doing Bikram yoga unbearable, which make the session uncomfortable. The more comfortable and enjoyable the exercise is, the more effective it will be for you. The best routine depends on you. Find the suitable type of yoga for you to reach a high level of satisfaction.

BikramyogaThe difference of Bikram Yoga and Standard Yoga

Bikram yoga has a lot of advantages. It almost has all the mental and physical benefits that a Standard yoga has. You may not find Bikram a fun type of yoga exercise because of the required heat that should be used while exercising. Several benefits of Bikram yoga include the following:

Prevention of Injury; It gets rid of toxins in the body; It cures insomnia; Improves chronic disorders; Tones your musculature; Increases lung capacity; Provides a complete cardio work-out; It increases and improves flexibility; Boosts the immune system; Improves blood circulation; Prevents osteoporosis; Decreases back pains.

However, a Standard Yoga concentrates more on breathing exercises, meditation and physical postures that can improve your well-being. It is a spiritual practice that provides several health benefits. It’s more on mental and spiritual than physical benefits. Some of its benefits are:

It improves your flexibility, which reduces stiffness and improves the range of motion of your joints; It strengthens your upper and lower extremities; Helps you maintain a healthy metabolism; It reduces the risks of illnesses; Helps lower your blood pressure; Improves your sleeping habits; and improves your weight.

For Bikram yoga, the heart must pump more blood that will pass through your organs and muscles to oxidize your brain, to make you feel much lighter and relaxed. While standard yoga practiced under these rough conditions makes bikram yoga a form of strenuous aerobic exercise with a much higher degree than a Standard yoga.

Bottom line is… no matter which of these yoga styles you choose, it is extremely important that you are comfortable with it and you enjoy your every session. Yoga is meant to rejuvenate its practitioners.

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