Beginning Pilates or Yoga

While it may seem like a fad, Pilates and yoga have been around for generations. Each of these low intensity workouts focus on stretching the body and activating the core muscles. These core muscles are the muscles located from the shoulders to the hips. Many people have seen these exercises, but they don’t know how to get started. There are many ways to get involved with yoga and Pilates.

Beginner Pilates Image There are several books available on the market highlighting the movements and positions of each exercise. Many of the movements are the same, which is good when cross training. Read about the history of the activity and follow the models and pictures in the book to hold the given poses.

Once you have become familiar with some of the poses it’s time to get an at home DVD or Blu Ray workout. Here, in the comfort of your own home you will learn how to put the moves together in a cohesive workout. One of the premier companies for both yoga and Pilates is Gaiam. They offer instruction in both methods and have a variety of equipment for those looking to extend their use. As a side note, those looking to purchase here can save some money by checking for online discount codes.

Now that the videos have helped you form confidence in your ability to perform these movements and you have sustained your interest in the methods, it is time to find a Pilates or yoga class locally. Local YMCAs or studios offer individual or group classes focusing on proper movement, guidance and acceleration of skill to the person. Do not be intimidated by attending a class. You are a beginner, and generally there are classes slated for beginners. Learn from others and watch their movements. Not only will you learn how to hold the movements, but you will gain education from the experience of others.

During this time, you might come across some difficulties. For instance, meditation is a strong component of yoga, and it proves difficult for some beginners. The inability for people to be still and no longer restless is an acquired skill that touches the person much more than the exercise benefits of yoga. However, if you find this to be difficult, hang in there. Speak with your instructor, or go back to your DVDs in an effort to reconnect your body, mind and spirit.

Yoga and Pilates are a great way to get in shape without the strenuous exercise of cardiovascular or weight training. Invest a couple of hours a week to the craft of either or both of these methods to increase flexibility and inner balance.


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