Bad Breath Is No Match for Yoga

Everyone wants fresh breath. Period. It would especially be nice if you could wake up and already have the fresh minty mouth. One way to assure this would be starting the day off with exercise followed by a proper diet. Not very many people want to go to all that trouble so they are looking for something even easier.

Yoga_PoseThere is always something easier but, there are consequences:

There are mouthwashes that could be used even though most of them contain ethanol and that could eventually be lethal, especially if used in larger amounts or by younger people (especially with low body weight). Additionally, mouthwash isn’t a sure shot remedy. Sometimes the mouthwash will kick the bad breath and sometimes it will not. Even worse, a person might become addicted to the mouthwash since chemical dependency is an issue.

Far away from all these complications, in order to get your complete system in balance, there is pranayama. This is a type of yoga that helps in different breathing techniques. The sages from years ago discovered that this type of technique has an influence over the digestive and respiratory organs. The benefit of doing pranayama is a sweet smelling exhalation.

When looking into pranayama the first thing you will notice is there are a vast amount of different techniques. The one for starting out the breathing techniques is called kapalbhati. There are different ways of actually doing this but, the main key that is focused on is exhalation. Find a comfortable chair and have a seat so the belly can relax and extend out. Now, rhythmically begin to contract the belly, the objective is to imagine someone is punching you in the gut fast and you are exhaling through the nose. Close your eyes and concentrate on exhaling as fast as possible. This should be done around 50 times if you are just starting out.

Respiratory system benefits of Yoga: Can help to relive the symptoms due to the common cold, rhinitis, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, pharyngitis, nasal septum, and tuberculosis.

The digestive system will also be improved when it comes to peristaltic movement and absorption of the digestion of foods. Kapalbhati is a remedy that is used for constipation and hyperacidity, gastritis, along with any suffering from indigestion. One thing to keep in mind is all these things have something in common, they cause bad breath.

When practicing kapalbhati it is important to have a teacher that will watch in order to make sure it is being done correctly. There are physical benefits as well as the mind will benefit from the technique also. There will be no reason for using chemicals since the bad breath will improve naturally.

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