Allow 24×7 Online Registration for Your Yoga Classes

Yoga, a form of physical, spiritual, and mental exercise, has been in practice since the ancient times around the world. It is said to have originated in ancient India. At present, millions of Americans are reaping the benefits that this discipline offers in the form of rejuvenation of body and soul. It also helps in the development and enhancement of the overall flexibility, strength, and balance. Hence, an increasing number of people are joining various yoga teaching centers across the United States. While holding a yoga class, you can offer your potential students an easy registration procedure to maximize attendance. This article discusses some of the major benefits of using the online registration software.

yoga class Highly Cost Saving

Using this registration software helps you save a considerable amount of your hard-earned money. It saves cash that you would otherwise need to spend on buying papers and for printing the forms. Online registration system is also environment-friendly that helps you do away with the use of paper.

Quick Set Up

Once you start using this software, you will be ready to accept appointments in minutes!

Easily Prepare and Publish Your Yoga Class Registration Forms

The Cloud-based registration software lets you prepare and publish the registration forms easily and fast. Moreover, it eliminates the tedious manual task of printing and distributing the same. You don’t have to even think of printing the forms and recruiting staff to distribute them and finally collect them from the registrants.

Easily Access the Forms

You can browse through the registration forms anytime you wish to add or remove any field (name, address, contact number, and more), as required. The software also allows your potential attendees to easily access the forms 24×7, 365 days a year, sitting at the comfort of their homes. The system can be well appreciated by people, since they don’t require to personally visit your office to fill up the class registration forms.

Instantly Customize the Forms

Different types of attendees sign up for your Yoga sessions. Some register in groups, while the rest do it individually. The customization feature enables you to create separate registration paths for each of your registrants. For example, you can ask specific people relevant questions about your past classes. In addition, the integrated payment management solution helps you ensure hassle-free receipt of money from your clients. Organizations can even customize the forms by including their company logo and attractive graphics to match their forms’ layout with that of the company’s website.

Fast Payment Processing

The online registration solution offers multiple payment acceptance options. You no longer have to wait for hours to finally receive the Yoga class registration fees from the registrants. All types of payments made via credit cards can be processed in real-time. Your class attendees can even pay you via PayPal and similar other payment gateways. You can even utilize the “Use Your Own Merchant Account” (UYOMA) service to allow your registrants quickly deposit of fees in your merchant account.

Offer Discounts and ‘Early Bird’ Prices

You can use this solution to offer special discounts and ‘Early Bird’ pricing on the very first set of single or group registration. This feature will attract more people toward your classes, since you are offering a limited discount to book a place for your session.

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