A Perfectly Natural Way To Relieve Pain In Your Shoulders

As you may have experienced or perhaps are experiencing it right NOW… Shoulder pain is a common ailment of sportsmen and gym goers throughout the world.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a perfectly natural way to relieve this and what can be excruciating pain. Well my friends there is and it’s called YOGA! Yes, Yoga.

With Yoga you can combat shoulder pain without having to resort to taking drugs and aspirin or have your arms strapped up with supports etc. Why not try this Dahn Yoga exercise and stretch to keep your upper arms free and loose.

Shoulder pain is massive. More than 10% of the worlds population have experienced shoulder pain or stiffness in the last 30 days. Yes, the last 30 days! That statistic is mind blowing.This is a huge, huge problem that can be greatly eased by following these instructions below.

Shoulder pain can have many causes including arthritis, bursitis and many other age related or injury related health complaints.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to relax your shoulders and reduce inflammation. First off, shrug your shoulders up and down for around one minute. this will initially loosen up your upper body ready for the stretching exercises. Next start with straight arms down by your side. Lift both arms to the horizontal like wings stretched out either side of your body. Very slowly lower them back done. The slower the better.

Raise again and hold in the horizontal position for a couple of minutes then slowly lower down to your side. Repeat this 4 or 5 times increasing the height gradually each time until your arms are straight and upright. Relax them back down again. OK, here come the stretch…

1. Raise one arm and bend it behind your head. This will relief the tension in your arms and shoulders forming the shape of an inverted ‘V’ behind the head.

2. Reach up with your other hand and hold the hand that’s behind your head.

3. Very gently gradually pull you hand down thus stretching the shoulder joint. You will feel your joint being stretched. Be gentle.

4. Control your breathing when conducting this exercise as with any exercise. Breath deep and slowly.

For this exercise to be effective you will need to carry it out at least three or four times per day. You do not need to over do it. At first just stretch ever so slightly increasing as the days progress. You will find over time that the shoulder joint will start to become more flexible increasing its range of motion leading to a gradual decrease in pain and swelling.

I must stress this is not an overnight cure but with time and patience will produce results and give you a more pain free and supple upper body. Again as mentioned in other articles. ALWAYS consult your doctor before carrying out any exercise program or regime.

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