5 Yoga Truths of Traveling Abroad


Often we must stray from our path to find the things we truly desire. Sometimes it’s as easy as a change of scenery to shift our perspective.


1. Yoga can be done anytime and anywhere. Don’t make excuses for not doing yoga while traveling. It’s just as important to stay consistent when on vacation as when at home. Make the time.


2. Start your day off right. Practice consistency. Start a morning ritual. I wake up each morning, smile, and thank the Universe for another sunny day. I brush my teeth and do a few rounds of Surya Namaskara A (sun salutations) to start fresh. I set an affirmation for my day and meditate for 10 minutes. Before I know it, I’m ready to take on the world.


3. Bring your mat … and your favorite yoga attire. You never know where you’ll end up while traveling. Having your gear with you helps to remind you of your practice. Also, let’s be real, there’s nothing more comfortable than yoga pants and a stretchy top. I haven’t worn anything but yoga pants my entire trip.


4. Be adventurous. It can be hard to try new things, but it’s always worth it. Be the kind of person that never has to wonder, “What if I would’ve done it?” Go for it, whatever it is, just go for it. Step into a yoga studio in a foreign place and introduce yourself to the other students and the teacher. Share something about yourself and make a connection with a total stranger. Do yoga in public. Be proud of your practice. Explore new places and journey out of your comfort zone. Traveling is supposed to be an adventure!


5. Research. Plan ahead and do research on the places you plan to visit. Talk to locals and ask questions. I spend lots of my transit time searching on Google and Yelp. I’ve found that if you look hard enough, you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for, or often something better.


Take your practice with you wherever you go. Remember what we learn on the mat can be taken out into our daily lives. Yoga is a lifestyle. Live your dreams and have fun while doing it.

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