5 Yoga Moves For Glowing Skin

1. Breathing exercise:


Control your breathing through counts that will rejuvenate your mind and that is what makes this pose of yoga for beautiful skin so popular.

· Sit on the floor with legs crossed.

· Close your eyes, relax and breathe normally.

· Now breathe in deeply through both nostrils with the count of 10.

· Hold your breath, again by counting 10.

· Count another 10 to release the breath.

· Practice this breathing technique for 5-10 minutes.

This breathing exercise will help you control your mind and you won’t get stressed out easily.


2. Halasana (Plough pose):


· Lie down on your yoga mat straight and relaxed. Put your arms by your side with palms facing the floor.

· Now slowly lift up your legs from the floor such that a right angle is formed between your upper and lower torso. Push floor with your hands so that it gets easy for you to lift your legs. Breathe and relax.

· Next bring your legs more towards your upper torso and slowly lift your hips off the floor supporting and balancing yourself with your hands.

· Continue lifting your legs and bring it beyond your head as much as possible so as to touch the floor beyond your head with your toes.

· At this point, lift your back further so that now only your shoulder and your head is resting on the floor.

· Now your back has formed an arch. Straighten your spine and support the two sides of your waist with your hands, elbows on the ground. Breathe normally.

· Hold posture for 15-30 seconds before returning back to normal position.


3. Dhanurasana (Bow pose):


In this asana, your body should pose like a bow.

· Lie down on your belly with hands by your side with palms facing upwards.

· Bend your knees to bring the heels near your buttocks.

· Now take your hands back and grasp your ankles. Rest your body weight on your abdomen.

· Now pull your ankles more with your hands. As your pull your ankles more, your upper torso automatically rises.  And now your body looks like a bow.

· Keep your breathing normal.


4. Bharadvajasana (Twisted seated pose):


· Sit on the mat cross-legged with both hands extended on the mat on both your sides.

· Inhale deeply and strengthen your spine.

· Shifting your left hand from the mat place it on your right thigh and twist your torso to the right. Exhale when you twist your body.

· Hold this position for 30 seconds.

· Now turn your torso to your left while placing your right hand over your left thigh. Stay for another 30 seconds.

This asana of yoga for fair and glowing skin is great for anti-aging.


5. Shavasana (Corpse pose):


· Lie down straight on the floor with your eyes closed.

· Relax thoroughly and throw out all negative thoughts and tension, be it your office pressure or any disturbance in your family. Think good and positive.

· Now, stand up straight and firm with your legs apart. Cover your face with your hands and take 10 quick breaths.

· Rub the skin on your eyes, forehead and face. Again take 10 quick breaths. Then rub entire face with your fingers. Breathe properly at the count of 10.



You’ll feel all your stress and tensions have disappeared.

Practice yoga, be happy and feel beautiful.

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