5 Basics To Know Before Starting Yoga

You have decided to join a basic yoga class but at the same time you are confused about what to expect and how to behave. Remember – yoga is a confluence of physical and spiritual aspects. Unless you are prepared mentally, you will never be able to achieve your goal, irrespective of its gravity. There are certain things which one ought to keep in mind before practicing yoga – at home or in the class. The guidelines are very simple and easy to remember.


1. Patience is the key to be successful:

This is the first thing which a person must understand. Yoga does not yield results in one day. You have to practice regularly for at least 30 to 45 days, with utmost dedication to visualize results. Be it for weight loss, weight gain or diabetes, regular indulgence in yoga is sure to offer you results, but time is the buzzword.


2. Always practice yoga in serenity:

A silent atmosphere is the basic requirement for practicing yoga. The room should be airy as well. You can turn on some light music, preferably chants such as Om. Silence and tranquility will help you concentrate on your asanas and breathing, thus rendering you with the ability to listen and acknowledge your body’s needs in a very satisfactory way. Every breath you take should be kept track of. That is one of the key reasons why gurus advice you to practice yoga early in the morning or evening. This is when the environment will be free of sounds, thus helping you to realize your inner self wholly and transform yourself.


3. Always wear comfortable clothing:

Always choose clothing in which you are comfortable. Loose, comfortable clothes will help you breathe right while performing the asanas. Tight clothes could actually restrict free movement and at times even result in injuries. Choose cotton clothes, preferably a tee and loose track pants, as they allow absorption of the sweat and help you do your asanas with complete concentration.


4. Never eat a heavy meal just before your yoga practice:

As with other fitness regimens, yoga also does not allow you to work with a full stomach. Try to practice yoga early in the morning, half an hour after a cup of coffee. If that does not suit you, then make sure that you wait for at least two hours after breakfast and four hours after lunch, before practicing yoga. There are quite a lot of asanas that focus on the abdomen. Working out on a full stomach can yield unpleasant results while performing those poses.


5. An instructor is a must to learn yoga the right way.

There are countless websites now that offer A to Z information with respect to the different types of yoga, asanas, and much more. However, if you are new to yoga, then it is advisable to seek the presence of a trainer yogin or yogini [yoga teachers], who can teach you the right way of doing asanas. Like other exercises, even the slightest mistake while doing an asana can result in injury. Hence, the presence of a guru is of the utmost importance.


Remember yoga is not about becoming an expert in an asana or just attaining a physical goal. You have to strive towards striking a harmony between body and mind. So, if you are keen on learning this art, then do remember these yoga basics.

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