10 Simple Tips For Practicing Yoga At Home


1. Identify a comfortable space:

Yoga calls for a space that is well lit and properly ventilated. It helps if the setting is serene as maximum benefits from yoga can be reaped when performed in a soothing environment. Add candles to light up your room, in case the room is not sufficiently lit. Ensure that there are no sharp objects or furniture around you, as they could cause injuries when stretching during ‘asanas’ .

2. Plan smart goals:

Identify your goals before you start practicing. Chart out a plan for yourself and make sure that it is specific, measurable, achievable, reliable, and timely. Be reasonable in your expectations and bear in mind that yoga is not meant for achieving physical benefits only.


3. Practice regularly:

The ideal time to practice yoga is early in the morning before the sun rises or in the evening after the sun sets. Decide on a time that is most suited to you and devote that time in its entirety to yoga every day.

4. Switch off any distractions:

Do not multitask while practicing yoga at home. Those endless chores, phone calls and lure of social networking sites can wait for a more suitable time. Your sole focus while practicing yoga must be on your goals and the asanas that you perform. The slightest carelessness can at times result in grave injuries.


5. Wear comfortable clothing:

It is very important to wear clothing that is comfortable while you perform yoga. A relaxed track pant with a loose-fitting tee is a great option for many. You can also choose from the numerous attires that are available in the market these days. The key is to opt for designs that let you breathe and for materials that absorb sweat along the way.

6. Practice yoga on an empty stomach:

Yoga at home can be practiced at a time of your convenience. However, never practice yoga as soon as you consume a meal. It is ideal to wait for at least a couple of hours after breakfast/lunch or for four hours after dinner before you start your practice session.


7. Always warm up at the beginning:

As with other forms of fitness, it is mandatory that you indulge in some form of warm up exercises before you get into the more intricate yoga asanas. Warming up  aids in tuning the body for the rigors ahead,  thus protecting it from any untoward injuries.

8. Go slow:

Yoga is meant to nourish your body and soul and to help you lead a calmer and more fulfilling life. Respect your body and give it sufficient time to adjust to the practice. Practicing yoga even for a few minutes every day stretches your body in new ways and therefore it is crucial not to rush through the asanas in a bid to finish early. Listen to your body and increase the time and repetition of each asana accordingly. Doing so is sure to keep injuries at bay.


9. Breathe right:

It is essential to breathe right when practicing the asanas. Hold your breath only when it is specified. Shortness of breath is your body’s way of asking you to slow down. This is the most important tip in yoga for beginners at home.

10. Always cool down at the end:

Just like warming up is essential to awaken your muscles at the start of a session, cooling down is equally crucial to calm down the rejuvenated muscles at the end of the session. Always wrap up your yoga session with Savasana. This asana is designed to help the body unwind and to restore your breathing and augmented blood circulation back to normalcy.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the ‘new you’. Follow the above mentioned guidelines, start your yoga practice at home slowly, continue steadily and rediscover your body and soul.

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